In August 2017 Clinton proposed the idea to Cricket Australia of the "MIDDLE STUMP - Indigenous Artwork Design -  For all Cricket WithIn Australia. It was hoped there would be an embracing of this at Community Cricket, Premier League Cricket in all States to Sheffield Shield State Cricket (Pura Cup) and International Test matches, One Dayers and T20 matches within Australia. 

This 'MIDDLE STUMP' being of Aboriginal Artwork Design would represent the 'First People of our Country - the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Thus began a journey to invest time and energy into a belief that if fully implemented in all forms, formats and levels of Cricket within Australia.AAMSI is a sincere and authentic attempt towards: Reconciliation processes in our Country to further recognise Aboriginal peoples as the first peoples of our Country. A physical representation of an Acknowledgment of Country wherever matches were played.

The three main drivers for AAMSI are:​

  • To support Reconciliation processes in our country

  • To be used as a platform that will entice Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to take up Cricket as a Sport of choice

  • The Middle Stump was chosen as it reflects Aboriginal peoples as the first Australians, whenever the Middle Stump is banged into the pitch, in affect, whoever does this act, will be performing an Acknowledgement to Country

Clinton Dann



My name is Clint Dann and I am an Aboriginal/Noongar man from Perth, Western Australia

My passion is in Aboriginal Cricket. I played 100 plus games of 'A'Grade WACA level Cricket in Perth. 

My passion has led me to the creation of this initiative which has the idea that involves the 'Middle Stump' being of Aboriginal Artwork Design.